Services // Traditional Design

At LunaGraphica, we understand the need for clean, traditional design for corporations, technology companies, law firms, professional consultants and service firms.

Traditional design is intended to convey a sense of stability, experience, and professionalism.

We can provide a consistent design and image for websites, logos, business identity packages, brochures and collateral.

Here are a few examples of our corporate web design services:

Traditional Corporate Design   Lea & Braze Engineering - Professional Corporate Design   Society for Marketing Professional Services - Professional Corporate Design

Artium - Corporate design   Argos - Traditional Corporate Design   DTA - Traditional Corporate Design

You'll find many more examples of our traditional and corporate design work in our portfolio:

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Our Services Include:

  • Advertising Planning, Campaign Development, and Consulting

  • Graphic Design for print and web

  • Website Design and Management

  • Media Purchasing and Placement for newspaper, magazine, direct mail, Internet, radio and TV

  • Flyers, Postcards, Posters, Menus, promotional materials, VIP passes, table cards and more

  • Logo Design and Corporate Identity Development

  • Corporate Collateral Design, including brochures, datasheets, forms, and presentations

  • Publication Design, layout, and production management

  • Printing and Production Services

  • Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and PPC advertising

  • E-Mail List Management

  • Internet business and strategic consulting