Services // Web Development

For clients that need advanced, interactive websites, LunaGraphica offers a range of software development services.

We can install, configure, and customize open source or third-party software, including vBulletin, phpBB, OpenAds, and Drupal.  We also offer our own content management solution, SiteDJ™, designed to meet the needs of arts, entertainment, and events websites.

For sites with unique requirements, we can develop custom software using Java, PHP, C/C++, MySQL, JavaScript and AJAX. 

For very large projects, we can develop specifications and project plans, and manage outsourced development teams.

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Ruby Skye - Our First Client: Advertisting, flyer design, posters, website management and much more

Case Study - Consumer Bankruptcy Counseling

Consumer Bankruptcy Counseling offers free pre-filing counseling to Northern California debtors.  The system uses a custom Expert System, developed by LunaGraphica, to evaluate the debtors credit information and recommend a course of action.  (In compliance with Federal law, the recommendations are reviewed by a live credit counselor before being sent to the debtor.)

This is the first automated bankruptcy counseling system to be approved by the Executive Office for United States Trustee, United States Department of Justice!