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"I have hired LunaGraphica to develop websites and marketing material for two companies and for my personal consulting business. They do fantastic work, truly understand their clients' needs, and are wonderful people to work with. Highly recommended!"
–Ronald Mak, Willard & Lowe

"LunaGraphica is the right-sized organization to deal with for website services, with a team of specialists providing top-quality graphic designs and software engineering solutions. The look and function of all the websites they've done for me are superb."

"The customer support is very professional and very responsive. When I had a glitch on one website, due to a change made by the hosting service, it was resolved within 24 hours and proactively addressed on my other websites before problems arose."

"LunaGraphica has produced three artists' websites for me - one for me as an individual artist, one for a non-profit artist's guild representing over 500 artists each with their own unique vision, and one for an international artistic non-profit organization. Each website has a lot of content including embedded videos and each has very different needs. All were very thoroughly thought out and done beautifully. The international website supports several languages and runs on a broader range of platforms and computers than is usually necessary."

"I am extremely satisfied with LunaGraphica's level of professionalism, expertise, customer support, responsiveness, and design capabilities. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a top-notch website."
–Lee Middleman, Artist

"LunaGraphica is a little gem in the graphic design and website world. People are always very pleased with the quality of my web site and are equally amazed of the fees for such a professional, high-end product. Cindy’s creative talents and Bob’s technical prowess provide the backbone to this quality organization. Being artists themselves adds an extra dimension to their work that I think provides a clear advantage over their competition. Their staff is very efficient, responsive and creative in their own right. Designing and building a web site is very labor intensive and time consuming for both the customer and designers. Cindy does and excellent job of working the design with the customer and takes the time to fully explain every issue and is very responsive to any questions. Her ability to work the design and communicate with the engineers is par excellence. This company provides absolute complete turnkey solutions and clearly has done much research to provide one of the best products out there. It has been a real pleasure to work with this company."

–John Chianelli, Artist

"I am writing to say that I just could not be happier with the work you did on my website. Today I googled point reyes romantic getaways and came up on the first page of 41,900 results. Wow! I have definitely seen an increase in the kind of clients that I had hoped to attract."

"I really enjoyed working with you and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. You have a very kind and patient manner and that is so refreshing these days when it seems like so many in your line of work think they are such big shots who have all the secrets to the game and you're lucky to know them (and lucky to pay them a fortune). You easily convinced me that you were more than qualified to do the job without all the pushy selling and unrealistic promises."

"Thank you for your willingness to explain things to me in detail and respond very professionally to my special requests and problems (including the technical problems with my server which you figured out). I really like that your company has designers so that the ideas that you came up with (such as the contact forms which I LOVE!) were added without compromising the existing look and feel of my site. I also appreciate that your company does not insist on the monthly maintenance contract. I will definitely call you if I feel a need a boost in the future and I certainly would welcome a call from you if, down the line, you took a peek and noticed that a tune-up is called for."
–Kelly Emery, Owner, Olema Cottages

"You guys combine both great technical expertise and a client service attitude that is among the best I have ever experienced from any vendor. Five stars."
–Bill McGrane, Owner, McGrane Greenfield

"Lunagraphica has produced magnificent brochures and booklets for me that have greatly increased participation in the programs I was promoting.  As a public relations professional, I appreciate designers who can quickly grasp a concept and enhance it for mass appeal. The artistry and talent at Lunagraphica are matched by their congeniality and pleasant work atmosphere, so that it is a great pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend Lunagraphica!"
–Nancy Carothers, Public Relations Coordinator, Samaritan House

"We are happy to employ LunaGraphica for all of our design and web development needs. Our marketing materials and website constantly receive numerous compliments and the level of support we receive from the LunaGraphica team cannot be beat. Bob Nicholson has gone over and beyond a countless number of times to ensure our website continues to meet the growing demands of our business. The professional feel and customized functionality plays a significant role in our ability to attract new business and develop strategic partnerships. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to such a professional and competent team of designers and web developers."
–Jaime Handelsman, Owner, Forensic Training Network

"LunaGraphica re-created my website and they produce all my studio's marketing collateral as well. They are my go-to people for all business's marketing needs."
–Judith Enright, Black Leopard Clayware

"The Lunagraphica staff have produced the very powerful and effective graphic designs for our website, Forum for Democracy, and will continue to work on two additional forums that are in development. Everyone who sees the quality of their work is as extremely impressed as I am. Just outstanding work!"

"They created an identity for our company with their graphic designs that are consistently thematic with our new brochure and flyer designs, logo, business cards and stationary. We have great confidence that they will successfully brand our merchandise and help Forum for Democracy become a very recognizable name on the Internet. LunaGraphica has earned our highest praise!"
–Bob Aucone, Forum for Democracy

"Each time I meet with the LunaGraphica design team, the staff takes the time to truly understand our needs and makes great recommendations."
–Butch Coyne, former Marketing Director, RAFT

"LunaGraphica is creative, fun and energetic. They are able to bring multiple resources together to complete each project. By looking at the big picture they are able to develop comprehensive programs."
–Judy Lee, IT Business Operations, Yahoo! Inc.

"SiteDJ™ is easy-to-learn software and serves a number of purposes, giving mean accurate snapshot of my business with the management tools I need."
–Abby O’Connell, Owner, Mother Earth Clay Art Center

"They are always on top of things. Website maintenance is outstanding. LunaGraphica is extremely creative and the quality of work is superb!"
–Jennifer Long, Marketing & Sales Manager, Club Glo

"I went to LunaGraphica with a folded up piece of paper and I came away with a complete identity system and a wonderful website!"
–D. Kameda, Operations Manager, Court Works Service

"LunaGraphica delivers thorough and professional work. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Top-notch creative ideas and workmanship!"
–Terri DiCamillo, WebGrow

"I have to say that the skill sets and level of professionalism that your company provide are second to none. Thank you for allowing our business to grow because you are able to take our vision and manifest that in your work."
–Christopher A, Aquifier