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Technology companies are fiercely competitive, and they need to be. They are competing for the attention of young, savvy consumers – exactly the audience that LunaGraphica has been targeting since 1999.

In addition, high tech companies require a design team that understands the language of technology and can translate it into customer-friendly terms. They need designers who can work closely with technical staff, often integrating designs into database-driven websites built with Java, PHP, Drupal or other open source technlogies.

LunaGraphica offers a unique combination of edgy, youth oriented design and serious technical talent.

Our VP of Technology, Bob Nicholson, held senior management positions at Sun and Oracle, and served as VP of Engineering for Red Herring Communications. He is certified as a Google Advertising Professional and a Yahoo! Internet Marketing Ambassador.

Whether you need advertising and design for traditional media outlets, or Internet marketing services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, affiliate programs, or e-mail list management, LunaGraphica can help.

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Ruby Skye - Our First Client: Advertisting, flyer design, posters, website management and much more

Case Study - Ratingz Inc

The client operates a family of websites that allow users to rate and review local businesses and services. Their flagship site is, which targets the very competitive nightclub market. LunaGraphica designed an overall look for all the client's websites and promotional materials.

We conducted a search engine optimization and linking campaign, and used our network of contacts in the entertainment industry to get the word out about the new site.

Google nightclub ratings and see who is number one!